Our goal is simple: To create the best Nurses in India.


Nursing profession has come a long way from serving to maintenance of health standards, advanced education and research. Since we opened our doors in 2008, our institution aims to grow a system of nursing education that fits with ever-changing educational patterns of the country to meet the needs of the society and to fit into a wide range of opportunities in Nursing Service and Nursing Education available globally for the nurses.

Raj Rani


Welcome to Adarsh School of Nursing!

Madina (Rohtak)

Approved by H.N.R.C. & I.N.C.

"A gateway of quality education & committed to fulfill the advancement of Technological & Academic needs of the nation"

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Our Faculty

For the preventive,curative and rehabilitative services, a highly qualified and experienced faculty trains them here to raise the Health status of the community.